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The My Safe Florida Home program could run out of funds, and homeowners are encouraged to apply soon for up to $10K grants – $2 for every $1 of matching funds.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Florida Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis released an update on the My Safe Florida Home program, which Floridians harden their homes against storms while reducing their insurance premiums.

Under the program, all Florida homeowners can receive a free home inspection and, after applying, possibly qualify for up to $10,000 in funds to help improve any recommendations suggested by that inspection. The funds are a $2 for every $1 spent match, so a homeowner spending $15,000 would pay $5,000 out of pocket after being reimbursed the $10,000.

Check the website for complete participation rules:

  • Covered improvements – if recommended – include upgrades to roofs, roof-wall reinforcements, window glass, exterior doors and garage doors.
  • Eligible homes would have an insured value no higher than $700,000 – an increase from the current $500,000.
  • Low-income Florida homeowners can get $10,000 without spending their own money – an increase from the current $5,000.

“The My Safe Florida Home program has been a big success, allowing Florida families to harden their homes against storms by installing impact-resistant items like windows, doors and garage doors,” says Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis. “Since 2022, we have approved nearly 19,000 grant applications, conducted more than 70,000 free home inspections, and reserved more than $189 million in home hardening grants.”

Patronis says the improvements have saved participating Florida homeowners about $1,000 per year on their property insurance costs. The program also expanded effective July 1 of this year (SB 881) after the Florida Legislature approved an expansion to help homeowners outside higher-risk areas too.

The program is still taking applications, though it’s unclear if it will be able to help everyone who applied using current money. Applications will remain active, however, and the Florida Legislature could add additional funds during its 2024 legislative session.

“Due to its success, the program has received more than 800 new applicants a day, so it’s critical that it is refunded next year so more Floridians can benefit,” Patronis says.

My Safe Florida Home program numbers

  • 70,392 free home inspections completed
  • 18,900 home hardening grants approved
  • $189.3 million home hardening grant funding reserved (funds pending disbursement to identified policyholders upon completion of work)
  • $1,032 average annual home insurance premium savings

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